Sunday, March 26, 2006

Learning with computers

Hi there,

Here is a link to share; a group to join.

Learning with computers is a group of people who “get together to learn how we can start integrating computers into our teaching. Join others, learn and share what you know! Make this your place!” – it is the advice of its creator – Gladys Baya.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Blog's Blog

A Blog's Blog
Hi Matthew.... its Sam from the OET course. I think im writing a comment for you (!) . Well am very impressed with it all so far. What a good idea.. we should have all been doing this from the start. I have a basic question which ill repeat on first class. Try as I might I cant seem to be able to personalise any of my various blogs, podcasts wikis that i have started up. Beyond changing the colour. Where do you find this info.? I always go to settings /personalise in other words i think im doing the right thing but never find the right link. Anyhow a very good example of a blog. One of the best!! :))

Monday, March 13, 2006

My "other" blog

If Illya thought I was brave posting my refections then this post is either completely daft ( a quaint English term for pretty stupid) or madness. Maybe it is both. Jacqui Webber-Gant suggested I put my drawings up on the web so people could see them. I don't have Web publshing software so I thought...A BLOG!!!
So if you are brave, you can click on this link Matthew's Life Drawing blog. Be warned it is a blog with drawings of people without clothes, if you are easily offended cover your eyes. They are mostly photos of the drawings I do during life class and one drawing that was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert museum.
The blog is more for my own ideas about life drawing and a place where students could access information and images without the more unsavoury aspects of the Web.
Note: Don't feel obligated to view the blog or comment.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Reflections on OET

Inspired by Matthew's blog where he ever so bravely put his weekly reflections, I would also like to share the reflections I had part way through the course. I feel they are still relevant and maybe you will enjoy them.

Lectures, learning and PPP

Presentations and TTT

Disagreement with each other

And with terms in the lecture

Attitudes acquired or ‘learned’

(can I really use this term?)

Topics discussed and answers obtained

But many questions still remain.

Reflection, threads and big red flags

Guide me swiftly through these tasks.

Sometimes cyclic and sometimes straight,

-Learning much at any rate!

(to be continued!)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blended Learning

'If we accept the premise that when it comes to learning languages, there are some things that teachers do well, others that the technology does well, and that a good solution to running a successful language course is the close integration of F2F and some form of on-line learning, then “blended learning” offers us interesting and valuable models on which to base our courses.'

Pete Sharma's experience of using technology for Business English Teaching has led him to conclude that blended learning is the best way forward...
Read his comments on his blog at Technology for Business English

Pete is also co-author, with Barney Barrett, of The Internet and Business English, Summertown Publishing, which has practical lesson ideas for using the internet in teaching English for Business.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One of the great things about living is being able to learn something new every day. One of the great things aobout being a teacher is learning and sharing what you've learnt. I came across a short posting by James Farmer in his blog entitled "How to use blogs in education" ( " Having spent most of this week looking at what is out there on the web I thought James' ideas were worth thinking about. What do you think?
Blogs are for 'personal expression and exploration',
Blogs, as an educational tool, must be 'task driven', 'key elements' of a course.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hot Potatoes

Eric Baber mentioned this nifty little piece of authoring software (for non techies like me) with which you can create colourful but clever interactive quizzes, like crosswords, gapfills, matching or ordering activities etc. You can upload images, video and audio into Hot Potatoes too - which is very useful for listening exercises. The trial version is free - and well worth playing with. And there's a helpful tutorial to get you started. Click here and Enjoy!


Like Matthew I have spent the last 6 weeks in information overload. Like Illya its now time to 'harness' the technology for ourselves. This is proving difficult, searching for blogs to monitor is for a start challenging. In todays Guardian and in there are even more ideas for the classroom. There are so many steps to take its mind blogging.... :) but Im sure we will manage in the end!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Community Learning

Check out this wonderful website Brian suggested and put together. ;)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Illya's Impressions

Week 6 is over and the groups have been redefined. I am slowly starting to absorb all the information. Now I am trying to figure out how to use the blogs, not just technically, but also pedagogically. This I am finding a challenge. It's funny, but I'm finding it much easier to help my husband create one for his class for their class trip than for purposes of teaching my own classes. I guess it comes down to advice being easier to give than to follow - especially if it's your own.

It's good to have this joint blog in any case!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Webheads in Action

Webheads-in-action is a four-year-old community of practice of language teachers worldwide, coordinated by Vance Stevens.

We explore Web communication tools and share the best ways of using them in our teaching practices, engage with students in virtual classes, collaborate on projects, and participate in conferences as audience and presenters.
This collaboration takes place online, as we are all geographically apart.
Would you like to join our community?

Being a webheader has been an extraordinary experience. I can't stop being marvelled with it all. It’s just wonderful to be part of such a group of clever, fun, active, friendly and professional individuals. Blessed be the professor who made me look for an online community; Blessed be the ones who accepted me as I was then and contributed to what I am today!
Thank you for making it all possible. ;)
I guess I already have a good story to tell my grandchildren! LOL


"Camtasia Studio Screen Recording and Presentation

Changing the way you train, present to, and connect with your audience.

Teaching and demonstrating visually is much more powerful than using words alone. But, getting the right group of people together for a training or demonstration can be expensive and inconvenient.

Camtasia Studio lets you easily create compelling training and presentations for Web and CD-ROM delivery, and you can do it without ever leaving your office. It is the only product versatile enough to record live PowerPoint presentations, personalized technical training sessions, and rich software demonstrations."

I think this discription says it all. I really like it. I think it is a powerful tool that can be efficently used in OLE. Here is an example I created a couple of months ago, when a colleague of mine and I moderated an workshop on blogs.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Talk about...OET

It really is great to be able to talk with whatever software and communicate through a variety of means other than traditional much as they are useful for some things. Experiential learning is also my preferred way of learning, so this blog certainly works for me. (Now just to work out the add image button...hmmm).
The last 6 weeks has been an information explosion and great exploration for me. I am sure that I will take many ideas and challenges back to school and workshop them and integrate them into the curriculum.


Join our Knowtips conference: March 29 - April 02, 2006
of interest to people who are either new to online
or have been working online for years

I am going to be there! ;)
Thanks so much Chris for setting this blog up! This is a brilliant way for us all to keep in touch, share our thoughts and my specific case ask for on going advice! I have learnt so much in the past few weeks nows the time to try to put some things into practice. Ill definitely check out the delicious(dots included!) idea mentioned as my favourites pages are filled to overflowing and the information overload has been quite astounding! Welcome to the exciting world of blogoet!