Thursday, March 02, 2006

Webheads in Action

Webheads-in-action is a four-year-old community of practice of language teachers worldwide, coordinated by Vance Stevens.

We explore Web communication tools and share the best ways of using them in our teaching practices, engage with students in virtual classes, collaborate on projects, and participate in conferences as audience and presenters.
This collaboration takes place online, as we are all geographically apart.
Would you like to join our community?

Being a webheader has been an extraordinary experience. I can't stop being marvelled with it all. It’s just wonderful to be part of such a group of clever, fun, active, friendly and professional individuals. Blessed be the professor who made me look for an online community; Blessed be the ones who accepted me as I was then and contributed to what I am today!
Thank you for making it all possible. ;)
I guess I already have a good story to tell my grandchildren! LOL


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