Monday, April 03, 2006

The last week - reflections

Hearing voices on the way,
Building friendships – will they stay?

Not f2f but through mails and chat -
Can friends really be made like that?

And so this course is nearly done,
But I’ve had a lot of fun,

Conferencing, skype, yahoo,
Blogging and podcasting too!

And insights in te(a)chnology
Used pedagogically

But more tools from which to choose
Without delusions of their use.

Thank you also facilitators
You’ve beaten the best of dictators

In leading us from A to B
So we can find our way to C

Now I leave with many a friend
I hope our paths will cross again.


Blogger Matthew Hamra said...

Hey cool Illya, should be the OET anthem or something I think.
Nice poem and thoughts, I always wondered in online "friends" stay online friends...We need a clever line like Online friends never go away they just....? Flicker? Forget their login? MisSiNg (MSNing)? I don't know my clevr brain is devoted to the essay at the moment.
Thanks for the thoughts.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Amanda FV said...

Word Smart Illya!

Let me share a story with you about old online friends.

When I joined the TESOL Webheads course this year, I found someone there with a similar profile to mine. 'Hey!' I thought, 'she was in Paris at the same time as me'.
Well it turned out we had both done a course together about 13 years ago, and the Webheads brought us together again.

It's great to have a network of online friends with so many professional interests in common. Yes - we'll keep in touch, and yes, when one of us becomes famous, I'll be proud to say 'Oh Illya Arnet-Clarke... she's a friend of mine' !!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Illya said...

I had a warm moment when I read your comments :-). Please, neither of you 'flicker' away!!

5:05 AM  

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