Monday, March 20, 2006

A Blog's Blog

A Blog's Blog
Hi Matthew.... its Sam from the OET course. I think im writing a comment for you (!) . Well am very impressed with it all so far. What a good idea.. we should have all been doing this from the start. I have a basic question which ill repeat on first class. Try as I might I cant seem to be able to personalise any of my various blogs, podcasts wikis that i have started up. Beyond changing the colour. Where do you find this info.? I always go to settings /personalise in other words i think im doing the right thing but never find the right link. Anyhow a very good example of a blog. One of the best!! :))


Blogger Matthew Hamra said...

Hi Samantha,
many thanks for your kind words. I have to admit that I just play around with the settings and things and see what happens. For my blog I write in Word first the copy and paste the text into a new post. The pic link won't work for me so it looks a bit wordy. I just clcik on those buttons on "dashboard" and most seem to work. This blog, the OET one, has many more bells and whistles on, I have no idea how to do most of it. Good luck!

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